Welcome to Crete T.J. Sokol. We are a non-profit Czech organization that strives for the development of men and women strong in mind and body. Crete T.J. Sokol Hall at 12th and Norman in Crete, NE is a registered National Historic Place and has been a key community center for almost 100 years. The hall has fallen into disrepair in the last 20 years. But we, the members of Crete T.J. Sokol have made it our mission to restore this once great building.

When we are finished restoring Sokol Hall we will provide many exciting programs for the City of Crete and the surrounding communities. We plan to offer youth gymnastics, educational and cultural activities, as well as make the hall available to the community for rental. Amateur boxing is currently available in the basement of the hall.

To raise funds for the restoration of the T.J. Sokol Hall and fund our programs, we host two of Nebraska’s top haunted houses, Terror On 12th Street and Bone Shaker.