For over twenty years Crete T.J. Sokol hosted a small haunted house. That all changed in 2010; thanks to Chairman Nate Walenta, attendance quadrupled and customer satisfaction was very high. Terror on 12th Street Haunted House has became the fastest growing haunted house in the state of Nebraska.

In 2011, Crete T.J. Sokol added the first annual Savin’ Sokol Halloween Festival and a second Bone Shaker Haunted House. The festival is a weekend of fun for all ages, featuring two haunted houses, hayrack rides, children’s activities and much more. Every year, more people come out and support the haunted houses and Halloween festival. Many of these people come from out of town, some driving several hours to attend.

Mainly due to fundraising through the haunted houses and festival, Crete TJ Sokol is restoring the T.J. Sokol Hall, a registered National Historic Place, and providing services for the community. In 2011, a fire alarm system was installed and improvements were made to the existing sprinkler system. The T.J. Sokol Boxing Gym opened in 2012, providing physical fitness and competition opportunities for Crete adults and youth. In 2012-2013, a new roof was installed on the T.J. Sokol Hall. In 2014, Crete T.J. Sokol hosted the Region 6 Junior Olympics for Boxing.

We are actively seeking sponsors for Halloween or Boxing events, as well as donations toward building restoration. If you would think that one of our events would be a good fit for your company you may email Bruce at

We are looking for volunteers for all fundraising and restoration projects for T.J. Sokol Hall. We are a non-profit so you can fulfill your community service hours with us and help a good cause as well. For information about volunteering please use the contact us button at the right.