T.J. Sokol Boxing opened in March of 2012. We offer boxing, fitness and self defense for men and women. We are located in the basement of the historic T.J. Sokol Hall at 12th and Norman in Crete, NE. Coached by former professional boxer Nate Walenta the boxing team has traveled to Omaha several times to compete. T.J. Sokol Boxing members are required to participate in community service projects with the gym when coach Walenta Schedules them. All of our titles and reputations are left at the door. While we are here it doesn’t matter if your here to get in shape or become the next Olympic gold medalist everyone is treated the same here. Males and females alike are welcome and discrimination is not tolerated.

Click here for more information about safety and amateur boxing.

Our hours are:
Mon-Wed-Fri from  6PM until 8PM

Phone: 402-826-6129, please leave a message


Membership dues are as follows.
$25 per month due the 1st of each month
USA Boxing annual fee:
$63 due when you wish to begin sparring and competing. This is done so that the participant is covered by USA Boxing’s insurance policy.

Boxing gloves, handwraps, and headgear are provided. We have low cost mouth guards available.

*Proceeds go towards the restoration and maintenance of T.J. Sokol Hall*